Honeydew Consulting is 6 Years Old!

Time truly flies by while being out there making life-changing differences across the United States! Year after year, Honeydew makes a dedicated commitment to not only support our clients, but also support our consultants. We, as a company, continue to work hard for our clients and ensure they have only the best and the brightest […]

Executive War College 2023 Recap and Future of Laboratories

Honeydew had the opportunity to return to present at this year’s Executive War College (EWC), the premier clinical laboratory management conference. EWC enables attendees to stay on top of the constantly evolving landscape of laboratory medicine. Many themes discussed this year were a continuation of those discussed at last year’s EWC, including personalization of healthcare for consumers, […]

Demystifying Epic Consulting: Comparing Company Benefits

When deciding which contract to accept, consultants will often choose the one with the higher take home rate, even if the benefits offered with another opportunity outweigh the difference in compensation. This happens because it is difficult to compare offers while factoring in the benefits. Every consultant should strive not only to boost their hourly rates, but also the […]

Honeydew Consulting is 5 Years Old!

Who would have thought that we would live to see Honeydew Consulting become 5 years old! (hint, we knew from the very start 😉). We at Honeydew are always finding ways to improve who we are, whether it be finding new opportunities, consultants, troubleshooting and build techniques, or even new connections, we have never settled […]

Executive War College 2022 Recap and Future of Beaker

Every year, laboratory and pathology leaders from across the world make the pilgrimage to the Executive War College, the premier clinical laboratory management conference to stay on top of the constantly evolving landscape of laboratory medicine. This year, Honeydew Consulting had the honor of presenting on how to have a successful Beaker implementation (the most […]

Traveling During a Pandemic – What to Expect

With vaccines distribution starting to ramp up, we are starting to slowly get back to traveling both for work and pleasure after a challenging pandemic year. A year in which many of us transitioned from frequently traveling to our client sites to being fully remote. However, even with things starting to take a turn for […]