The best Beaker and DI talent, period.

We are changing the Epic consulting space to better represent the interests of strong consultants and better support healthcare clients.


  • We are more exclusive and have a more thorough vetting process. Honeydew is comprised of former Epic leaders with over a decade of experience with all things Beaker/DI, creating a perfect team to ensure our consultants are always within the elite top 10% in the market.
  • We provide the absolute best for our consultants. Better consultants deserve better, and a consulting firm they’re proud to represent.
  • We are always working on professional development. Across our full-team collaboration tools, proprietary knowledge shares, internal classes, learning retreats, and PD opportunities, Honeydew is always striving to better expand and support our skillsets across the team.


Kicking off a major multi-year, multi-phased Epic project back in 2020, we knew we needed to bring in seasoned, Epic Beaker analysts to supplement our small team. We were drawn to Honeydew because they specialize in attracting and retaining only the highest caliber of experts within the Laboratory Information Systems space. Since 2020, we’ve had the pleasure of working alongside over a dozen different Beaker and Data Innovations contractors from Honeydew.  I have no doubt that our success with implementations has been largely attributed to having these talented teammates embedded within our team for the last several years. Their in depth understanding of operational workflows, ability to anticipate needs and accommodate them quickly and painlessly, their attention to detail and sharing, mentoring attitudes with our team has made all the difference and has led to multiple contract extensions and a partnership that will go on indefinitely between our organizations.

Stephanie B. King

Clinical Applications Director - Atrium Health

Ryan has been a tremendous asset to our department during his time working with us. [He] was able to come in and quickly fix numerous issues and build many of the components that we were missing, including all of our QA and statistical reports. I appreciated that he was upfront and candid about the things Epic could and couldn’t do. He was truly a lifesaver for this department and I would recommend him to any Epic institution.

Stacy Molnar, SCT(ASCP) Cytotechnologist Supervisor - University of Toledo Medical Center

Matt has been incredible to work with, his knowledge of Beaker and lab operations was immediately clear and he jumped into our implementation with both feet. He was always involved where we needed him and pointing out areas we hadn’t yet considered. Matt was an integral part of our go-live success and we’d work with him again in a heartbeat!

Drew Register Clinical Informatics Supervisor - Salem Health

What we received from Honeydew was above and beyond what we could expect. We brought on an AP and a CP resource to serve as knowledge experts that my analysts could rely on for difficult build tasks and complicated issues we encountered. The leadership, knowledge, and professionalism shown by these resources and their willingness to coach our analysts was one of our critical success factors.

Reginald Jean-Jacques IT Director Ancillary Systems - Harris Health System

Honeydew Consulting has provided an exceptionally high-quality resources for multiple teams within our IT Applications division since 10/23/17. Due to the value provided, knowledge sharing, mentoring, customer service, and accurate time reporting practices, we have been compelled to utilize their services on multiple projects and extended engagements.

Wendy Barstad Beaker Applications Director - UC Davis Health

They paid extraordinary attention to details, had excellent communication skills, and were organized and reliable. Our implementation would not have been the same without their invaluable insight and creativity! They provided useful data to move our organization forward and to make data-driven financial and patient care decisions.

Norin Pung Director of Outreach Laboratory Services - Harris Health System

The collaborative nature promoted by the Honeydew team was an anomaly compared to other consulting companies. This allowed consultants at different sites and me to ask for and provide advice/strategies to common Beaker struggles (quality control, results routing, MRT, lab management readiness).

Kevin Beine Former Honeydew Consultant

Whenever we had a question or an issue, it was “Ryan to the rescue” – friendly, always willing to help, and able to investigate “what if” scenarios to help define best practices. Ryan was critical in establishing a COVID dashboard to help our organization manage rapidly evolving pandemic testing needs.

Dr. Karen Eldin Chief of Pathology - Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital

Working with Honeydew Consulting has been a pleasure. Robb is a natural leader, and his professional skills and behavior set a great example for his team. His strong technical skills provided support for the whole Beaker team and he was able to guide us towards creating workable workflows.

Sandi Oldenberg Beaker Team Lead - St. Luke's (Boise, ID)

I couldn’t have appreciated more Ryan and Alisa’s excellent quality and high level of engagement on COVID-19 reporting. [They] were dedicated to getting us accurate information in the easiest way for us to access. They made sure we were getting what we thought we were getting…[their] work ethic and ability to understand the complex issues we have been dealing with have made our responses to the government of excellent quality. Where other hospitals are struggling to keep up, we are now sailing almost effortlessly due in huge part to the efforts of Ryan and Alisa.

Julie Rabat-Torki Admin Director of Government Reporting - Harris Health System

[David] has a “can do” attitude – meaning that if you bring him an idea or issue, he is going to do whatever it takes to help make it successful. Those are all important qualities to have during a major system implementation and upgrade. David truly became part of the team over here at CHNOLA and we are always thrilled when we get the opportunity to work with him.

Amanda LaBorde LIS Coordinator - CHNOLA

I wanted to share with you all how much I have appreciated working with Ryan Matos. When he built the COVID dashboard for organization, it gave us a real-time view of how to utilize hospital resources and when to activate/deactivate contingency plans. I bet it has been the most viewed dashboard in our history. As someone that is learning how to build reports, I often use his reports to learn from. And he has always been friendly, and willing to teach and help me out.

Dr. Chirayu Shah Medical Director of Inpatient Clinical Informatics - Harris Health System
Our Services
Application Build

Let's get it done. Honeydew consultants have the experience and application knowledge to build quickly and efficiently.

Technical Advising
Push the boundaries of what your lab can do. Our technical advisors can architect solutions and help you resolve technical issues that may come up.

Need some extra support? We offer short term contracts for when you need that extra hand either on the floor or helping technically in the command center.


Our experts combine their experience with in-depth Beaker data structure knowledge to meet your Reporting Workbench and Clarity (Crystal Reports) needs.

3rd Party

Whether it's instrument interfacing, blood bank, or point-of-care devices, our team includes experts with training in ancillary systems to keep you covered. 


Get the most out of your system with end-to-end workflow reviews and modularized implementation plans that fit your lab.

Access the Entire Team

When you work with a Honeydew Consultant, you have access to the full team of experts. Whether it means jumping on a conference call to answer best practice questions or flying out to help with build during crunchtime, our team will be there to support your needs. Beyond Beaker, our team includes experts with training in the following ancillary systems: 

  • Data Innovations (DI) Instrument Manager
  • Haemonetics SafeTrace
  • RALS
  • RapidCOMM
  • ... and more!

Project Management

With our deep familiarity with Epic and lab processes, our PMs have both the technical and workflow experience to help mitigate risks before they are escalated and better evaluate true lab specific timelines – in addition to understanding how to work with lab SMEs, end users, and analysts alike.

Extra Hands for Successful Go-Lives

We know that go-live events are stressful high-stakes events. When it comes to having extra at-the-elbow support or command center staffing during that critical transition, we will do what it takes to make sure your bases are covered.

Free Independent Audit Reviews

Get a second set of eyes. We offer free independent reviews of your system to ensure you are getting the most out of your system and find opportunities to further optimize your workflows. These include post-live audits, pre-install fit assessments, and pre-live application build audits.

Please reach out for more information on how to set up an on-site or virtual visit.

Talent Review

Whether through Honeydew or not, we are committed to ensuring you are getting the best consultant possible for your team.  Honeydew now offers free talent review by leveraging our network of 30+ tenured Beaker staff so you no longer have to gamble when it comes to getting the assistance you need while establishing an unbiased platform for helping great consultants succeed and be recognized.

Your Partners

Made for consultants by consultants

Foremost, Honeydew is proud to serve as an alumni network for all current and former Beaker analysts/consultants (regardless of firm/project). We want to help overcome the antiquated consulting stigmas (e.g. “it doesn’t matter what firm you go through,” “it’s in your best interest to be a free agent after every contract”) and dispel the learning curve for those getting involved in consulting (or considering switching firms). It is our duty to arm every consultant with enough knowledge to be able to make the best decision for themselves.

For any Beaker or consulting questions, technical or otherwise, please email [email protected], also see our “Demystifying Epic Consulting” blog series.

In designing Honeydew, it was our directive to surpass Epic consulting industry norms in every facet. Primarily, there are three key areas that can help differentiate Epic consulting firms:

  1. Money.
    • Myth: Firms don’t need to be transparent about your take-home percentage and require a burden greater than 1/3 of a consultant’s pay.
    • Honeydew: We not only provide the highest take home rates in the industry, but we also are transparent about rates. Our consultants currently take home a minimum of 70% of the bill rate. We aim to negotiate for our team, rather than against them.
  2. Benefits and Culture.
    • Myth: Firms are turn and burn. Consultants need to continuously switch across firms for each contract to ensure they get the best offer. This also means firms are not able to maintain costly benefits for their team.
    • Honeydew: We have fully corporate sponsored benefits (health, life, vision, dental, etc.), a 401k with 3% match, a tech fund, profit sharing/bonuses, and more! While our exceedingly robust benefits help reinforce our supportive culture, we also have internal tools (real-time channels for technical questions and an ever-expanding knowledge library) for Beaker/DI technical support. Additionally, we have team meetings, town halls, retreats, and social gatherings (none are mandatory, but all are fun).
    • Honeydew has maintained 95%+ of their consultants since their inception in 2017. We focus on talent management rather aggressive non-competes to keep our team.
  3. A Pipeline for Contract Opportunities.
    • Myth: Consulting comes with a large risk of considerable unanticipated downtime.
    • Honeydew: Our average bench time between contracts in 2021 was less than 1 week. In addition to our growing list of direct organizations, our streamlined business model allows us to work through other partner firms when needed, so we can staff to nearly any available project at any time.

Join a Better Team

We get the best, by offering the best


  • Largest take-home to billable rate ratio across the industry
  • Company profit sharing distributed to all consultants


  • Free health insurance (medical, dental, and vision)
  • 401k with additional 3% employer contribution
  • Free life insurance
  • Funding to help expand your skill set:
    1. – Epic certifications
      – DI training
      – PMP certification
      – Other certifications


We believe in full transparency and are available; from your hourly rate, to our Board of Directors meetings, you can be involved in the everyday happenings of Honeydew and help shape our future.

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