COVID-19 Resource Dashboard – How to Better Improve Patient Safety Amid a Pandemic

By now, all healthcare organizations are familiar with the impact of COVID-19 on our daily lives and healthcare system.

In a study by Harvard Global Health Institute, unless quick and decisive action is taken to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the U.S. hospitals could be overwhelmed by the massive influx of infected patients. Considering numerous Italian hospitals have been overwhelmed despite the fact that Italy has more hospital beds per capita than the U.S., COVID-19 has the potential to cripple the entire U.S. healthcare system.

Source: Harvard Global Health Institute, Hospital Bed Capacity & COVID Estimates

Luckily, there are immediate steps you can take to help your organization mitigate this risk. Honeydew Consulting’s elite consultants have created a COVID-19 Resource Dashboard to improve your ability to track and visualize COVID-19 data and trends.

COVID-19 Resource Center Components

The dashboard contains metrics such as volume of COVID-19 tests, test turnaround time (TAT) by destination lab, test results and patient counts, counts of inpatient and outpatients under investigation, ED visits, outpatient appointment and no-show counts, telehealth appointment counts, and more. This dashboard is already being used daily by one of our clients’ executive and clinical leadership teams to make important decisions affecting patient care.

Key client players in devising these metrics include physician and nursing leadership, infection control, and data quality leads, as well as admin directors in reporting, lab, and inpatient EMR. These leaders have provided feedback on the dashboard and insights to further strengthen it, and have created great trust in the data across the many teams using it.

At Honeydew Consulting, we believe that sharing the details needed to build this dashboard is critical to patient safety and the success of organizations combating COVID-19. As such, we have linked the build document for our COVID-19 Resource Dashboard.

Feel free to reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions about the dashboard, its data, its implementation, or if you would like to see example screenshots.


Alisa Leamy
Senior Consultant
Ryan Matos
Senior Consultant